Program Registration

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 90 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 25.00% Product specific
Additional terms This is a private offer from PGK (Promiseland Global Kids) to those who have registered for PGK Lifestyle Academy Training and are aware that during and after the training period there is mandatory participation in the PGK Lifestyle Associate Social Media Support program which involves the collective and continual participation of all PGK Lifestyle Associates and the collective volume of their posts and shares as utilized on the following social media platforms: Facebook Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn Twitter YouTube The Social Media Support Program calls on the entire force of PGK Lifestyle Associates to work in unison towards the goal of greatly increasing brand awareness on both national and global scales. Increased brand awareness is sought for the following: All Associated PGK Brands PGK Products PGK Services PGK Programs Participation in the Social Media Support Program benefits participating PGK Lifestyle Associates because it greatly increases the likelihood of both offline and online sales. In the case of offline sales Lifestyle Associates will receive an extra 5% gross commission for participating in the Social Media Support Program, which increases their offline sales earnings from 20% gross to 25% gross. As for online sales made through the Affiliate Partner capability that Lifestyle Associates have, all sales and clicks are tracked through the use of digital cookies that are attached to Sales Conversion Triggers, which include: Digital Links Digital Banners (Creatives) Coupon Codes Email Trackers Participants in PGK Lifestyle Academy can earn residual income from online sales in the form of the following commissions: 25% gross commission on all products except Apparel 10% gross commission on all Apparel items By putting effort into in the Social Media Support program today PGK Lifestyle Associates can help increase both their present-day and residual incomes. All that's required is that they create a minimum of two (2) posts on two (2) social media platforms per week and share a minimum of four (4) posts per week from the above listed social media platforms (in any combination). PGK uses digital "cookies" to track clicks that result from the links that PGK Partner Supporters share, so they can be compensated for any purchases that are made as a result of these clicks. During training PGK tracks clicks and potential commissions using "cookies" which have 90 day Tracking limits. Social Media Support Team members like you would receive additional income for any purchases that result from clicks made on the PGK links you share from this day until the end of training. As a PGK Partner Supporter your commissions will equal 10 - 25% of the retail price - minus discounts and with no taxes included - on all of your sales. Commission rates are as follows: 10% for all Apparel sales 25% for all sales other than Apparel